All Forgiving, Quick Dry Top Coat

top coat by scotch naturals

Scotch Naturals Top Coat, the secret ingredient to a perfect manicure. This top coat forgives your painting imperfections and will allow your manicure to dry into a smooth, high gloss finish before you can say, “Cheers!”

  • Say goodbye to smudges.
  • Say goodbye to bed sheet imprints.
  • Say goodbye to heat lamps.
  • Say goodbye to fanning and blowing on your nails.
  • Say goodbye to sitting around for an hour waiting for your nails to dry.
  • Say goodbye to your significant other yelling at you for stinking up the room.

Welcome to the revolution!  This top coat will have you and your salon-quality nails ready to take on the world in five minutes.

Beauty Essentials In Our Gym Bag

By stashing just a few beauty essentials in your gym bag you go from sweaty workouts to what’s next on your agenda. These products will make your post workout primp efficient and effective.

beauty essentials in our gym bag copy

1. Pai Anywhere Essentials Travel Kit: A home away from home travel set that melts away impurities and provides skin with hydrating ingredients like rose and camellia.

2. Liberating Shampoo and Conditioner: Gets the job done and yet gently enough to use as a body wash. Plus, the conditioner is soothing and ultra hydrating.

3. Ilia Tinted Moisturizer: A semi-matte formula with helps calm and revitalize your skin. Includes aloe vera for long-lasting hydration while sealing in moisture with sodium hyaluronate.

4. Indie Lee Body Lotion: Feel fresh and moisturized with this skin-softening formula that smells like lemongrass.

5. Acure Dry Shampoo: If you don’t have time to wash your hair try this easy to use and fast-acting dry shampoo, which adds a keratin boosting moisture complex that is convenient and effective.

6. Lavanila Deodorant: An all-natural deodorant that provides long-lasting odor protection without any chemicals.

7. LeSportsac 3 Piece Travel Cosmetic Set: When you’re in a rush organization is key and this 3 piece travel cosmetic set providers proper storage for all your post gym beauty essentials.

8. Feather Weight Compact Dryer: Fear not if you’re gym doesn’t have hair dryers because this compact dryer deliveries iron-enriched air that quickly drys large sections of hair.

9. Acure Argan Cleaning Toilettes: Gently and easily remove makeup, sweat and grime. Use on yourself or on your yoga mat and other fitness gear.

It’s Time For A Polish Change


We have taken your feedback into consideration for the past five years and have worked diligently to produce the first ever nature-based nail lacquer. Our journey has allowed us to work in research and development with the leading polymer chemists to produce what you have always wanted: a safe polish that actually lasts.

We are pleased to announce that Scotch Naturals nail lacquers will now be formulated with NaturaLaq™ technology. NaturaLaq™ positions our products as the purest players in polish since 1920.

Water-based nail polish technology alone wasn’t going to work. And harsh chemicals were out of the question. But instead of shying away from the science, we chose to embrace it, developing NaturaLaq™ technology to produce the purest nail polish the industry has ever seen. NaturaLaq™ is 100% free of all phthalates, parabens, and toxins. Our quick drying technology has left out the noxious odors while still allowing for salon-quality elegance and durability.

With three key ingredients – castor oil, seedlac and grain alcohol – Scotch Naturals is the first nature-based nail lacquer: the safest and most luxurious product of its kind. We believe in a world where women don’t have to sacrifice their health to be beautiful and shouldn’t have to choose quality over care. We just couldn’t bear the thought of plastering our nails with the same chemicals that cover our cars. We knew we would have to crack that scientific code to discover an alternative option.

This dedication is how NaturaLaq™ was born. And it is NaturaLaq that allows Scotch Naturals to stand for something different: simple beauty — luxurious colors that last as long as a salon manicure without the health concerns.

We are currently pre-selling the new lacquers on our website and they will ship out in early April. Our new technology does not need a base coat. The top coat is new and is formulated to work with the new technology.  The new NaturaLaq™ nail lacquers, with the addition of our new top coat, create an all-forgiving, quick dry manicure.

We can’t wait for you try them!

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