For the Perfect Pedi

Scotch Perfect Pedi_1

It’s officially open-toe season so here are step-by-step instructions on achieving the perfect pedi:

1. Soak your feet. This cleans your feet as well as softens dead skin cells so you can exfoliate.
2. Scrub. This homemade Lemon Peppermint Foot Scrub looks yummy. Rinse with warm water.
3. Trim and file. It’s best to trim nails when wet so they are flexible. If nails are dry, they can split.
4. Moisturize. Give yourself a nice quick foot massage. This feels awesome! But be sure to rinse off lotion and dry thoroughly before next step.
5. Polish. Apply our Sticky Base Coat. Then apply 2 coats of color polish. It is very important to wait a couple of minutes between each color coat. And finish off with our Top Coat for a boost of shine! With water-based polishes, it is best to apply thin coats.

Tip: Apply polish right before bedtime so it can cure overnight.


Color Inspiration: Vibrant Chartreuse for Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion, DVF, Chartreuse, Color Inspiration, Scotch Naturals

For a beachy vibe this summer, we are loving vibrant chartreuse. DVF has been known to feature her love of the color on the catwalk and it just so happens to be her favorite color to wear. Doesn’t it look so beautiful and chic paired with rosy pink shorts? Just imagine how cute it would look on your nails.

What colors are inspiring you this week?

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