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In order to achieve beautiful, healthy, salon-quality nails it is essential to prep them properly:

  1. Remove any existing nail polish and shape as usual.
  2. Add a drop of jojoba oil to each nail and buff gently.
  3. Wash hands with soap and water to rinse remover residue and buffing dust.
  4. Apply 1 coat of the fortifying base coat that nourishes nails while providing the perfect foundation for our polishes. This significantly extends the life of your mani assisting in adhesion and durability.
  5. Follow with 2 coats of polish allowing 1-3 minutes in between coats.
  6. Finish with the super deluxe top coat for a high gloss shine, which protects nails from scratches and provides an extra boost of shine.
  7. It needs a few hours to cure fully prior to prolonged exposure to water. We encourage painting tips and toes before bed- who would of thought but honestly it allows the polish to dry and adhere overnight!

Polish Remover: For easiest removal, soak nails in warm water for a few minutes. Pre-moisten all nails with remover allowing time for polish to soften. Then moisten cotton pad and rub across nail to remove. You can also remove any remaining polish using an orange stick. After removal, thoroughly rinse nails. Our soy polish remover has been formulated to remove both water-based and solvent-based nail polish safely and naturally.

For tips on the nail art photographed above click here.


Perfect Pairings: Kelly Christine

Perfect Pairings is a series where we ask our favorite bloggers to pair their favorite Scotch Naturals polishes with their favorite outfits. This week we hear from the talented Kelly Christine, the woman behind Kelly Christine Studio, a website and blog design company.

Kelly Christine's Summer Style

When summer rolls around, I turn to bold polish…the brighter, the better. Paisley Martini is perfect for the beach or pool. This almost-neon hue screams summertime!

Scotch Naturals Polish: Paisely Martini + Mara Hoffman Swimsuit, J. Crew Jumpsuit, Givenchy Sunglasses, Wildfox Beach Bag

Summer Style by Kelly Christine

Love a good red nail lacquer…I use Troya for a modern version of the classic red mani that will forever be chic.

Scotch Naturals Polish: Troya + tfnc London Dress, Bauble Bar Necklace, Loeffler Randall Heels, Kate Spade Clutch

Kelly Christine's Summer Style

I’m a believer that pastels can be considered a neutral. Caleigh is the perfect smokey blue pastel for when you’re wanting a break from the brights.

Scotch Naturals Polish: Caleigh + J. Crew Top, J. Crew Sandals, H&M Shorts, Fossil Watch

What are your favorite color combos for Summer?

Color Inspiration: Pedals & A Pedi

National Bike Month

For this week’s color inspiration, we rounded up our favorite fashion forward bikes in honor of National Bike Month. These bikes are stylish and eco-conscious, plus they look great paired with Scotch Naturals.

As an ode to Coco, who loved sports, the Chanel bike comes with quilted saddle bags and a quilted chain cover. How chic does it look with Smokey Martini?

The bright red bike is classic Gucci with the green stripes to finish off the brand’s look. Loving the red bag, which is removable and comes with straps. Yes, I’ll take it with Balmoral Punch please.

How cute is the Fendi bike? Loving the small trunk for picnics or a trip to the farmer’s market. To top it off, they added fur saddlebags for an ultra luxe style. Perfectly yummy with Roasted Mellow.


What colors are inspiring you this week?



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