Late Summer Beauty Favorites

Late Summer Beauty Products to maintain glow

I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves a good sun kissed tan and the look of relaxation. Why not strive to have that all the time? These days you can and we put together a list of our favorite products to help maintain your summer beauty.

1. The Ren Skin Care Emollient Rescue Cream is great when your skin is dry and needs protection from environmental elements. It’s even great all year round. We use it this time of year to restore and bring comfort to our face.

2. For us, the Maya Water Facial Mist is ideal for when we’re on the go. It’s a super easy way to refresh and reenergize tried skin in a moments notice.

3. Our founder Ginny loves the Perfekt Body Gel because it adds color to your skin without the nasty chemicals.

4. We love putting on Ilia’s Balmy Days Lip Conditioner in the morning and at night. It soothes your lips and protects them from any dryness.

5. Tata Harper’ Hydrating Floral Essence is such a good toner that we even put it over our make-up as a finishing touch. It’s a limited edition so stock up now!

Do you have any favorite late summer beauty products?


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