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At Scotch Naturals, we believe that everyone looks their best when they feel their best and living a healthy lifestyle can lead the way. So when it comes to our nails, there is no exception. Now that we use chemical free products and know the basics of our nails, we feel that our nails have never looked better. We’ve listed below what we’ve learned about our nails to ensure yours are just as fabulous. Cheers!

1. Nails that are clipped are more prone to breakage. We suggest filing them down with an emery board. If nails need to be clipped, best time is after they have soaked in water as they are more softer and pliable.

2. Nails grow faster in the warmer climates than they do in colder ones.

3. Your fingernails grow faster than your toenails. The nails on your dominant hand will grow the fastest.

4. Our nails are a great indicator of our health. Be aware of any changes in the nail, like thickening or discoloration. These can signal health problems.

5. Adding zinc (think hardboiled egg) to your diet promotes healthy nails.

6. Drinking water protects against any dryness around your nails.

7. Massage jojoba oil into your nails and cuticles daily. Jojoba oil is the closet to our natural sebum (body oil). Ginny, the founder of Scotch Naturals, keeps organic jojoba oil on her kitchen sink and applies it every time she washes her hands.

8. Protecting your nails against dirt and water is key. Try to wear gloves as much as possible. Further, it’s important to wear the proper shoe size. You want enough room for your toenails to avoid infections and discomfort.

Do you have any tips for healthy nails?

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