Autumn Activities

image of fall to do list

A changing season brings about a whole list of new activities, especially in Autumn as we try to get outside as much as possible and enjoy the perfect weather. This season also brings some of our favorite superfoods like pumpkin, squash, apples, rutabaga, sweet potatoes, the list goes on. And as soon as we felt the first chill, we were making wreaths and navigating corn mazes. This weekend we are looking forward to crossing more things of our Fall To Do List with family and friends.

What are your weekends plans?

Featuring Scotch Naturals’ Smokey Martini, the steel grey creme.

DIY Halloween Decor

image of DIY halloween decor

We love halloween and doing fun (somewhat easy) crafts with the kids to get in the spirit of the season. Each year we like to try new decorations and update any favorites from years past. It’s a great way to get everybody involved and let creativity take over. Here are the decorations we did in hopes that you can enjoy them too!

Candy Corn Wreath: The idea is to upcycle  an old wreath with spray paint in candy corn colors. We especially love how it looks against the bright blue door.

Haunted Bar Cart: The Every Girl shares an easy way to spook your home with a haunted bar cart. The biggest task is spray painting dryer flowers and an old vase. Add black candles, halloween candy, some goulish liquor bottles and voila!

Glam Pumpkin: A bedazzled pumpkin is such a great alternative to carving one. Love the idea of painting it black and then adding the glam. Best part is you can find sticky jewels!

Cute Lanterns: Light up your front step with these halloween decorated jars. Just paint the inside fall colors and print cutouts that you then tape to the outside.

Fall Manicure and Jewelry Sets

This fall pair your Scotch Naturals manicure with simple sophisticated jewelry. Still stack your rings and layer on the arm candy, but keep in mind that the minimal look is in. Below includes our favorite looks for the season.

image of scotch naturals' mamie gilroy and gold

Look 1: Scotch Naturals’ Mamie Gilroy + Rings: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 + Bracelets 1 | 2

image of scotch naturals'  kiltlifer with silver and gold jewelry

Look 2: Scotch Naturals’ Kiltlifter + Watch + Rings 1 | 2 + Bracelet 12

scotch naturals' smokey martini with black and gold jewelry

Look 3: Scotch Naturals’ Smokey Martini + Bracelet 1 | 2 | 3 + Ring 1

1 2 3