Color Inspiration: Summer Wild Flowers

Color Inspiration, Scotch Naturals, Summer, Afternoon, Hammock, Wild flowers, Bannockburn

Now that it is a Friday in mid July, all we can think about is lounging around. Sometimes what we enjoy most in the summer is quiet time spent outside. I mean how peaceful does this hammock surrounded by wild flowers look? This image perfectly sums up that summer afternoon we have been craving. All the lush greenery reminds us of Bannockburn, which is the creamy green that is subtle enough and that pairs perfectly with your summer neutrals.

What colors are inspiring you this week?


Color Inspiration: Textured Details

Decor, Summer, Color Inspiration, Hangers

The best beach houses seem to have the most unique textured details throughout every room. These special pieces are usually made out of natural materials from the beach, and we couldn’t be more inspired. I mean how simple and cute are these sea shell wall hangers? Plus, our favorite beach decor colors always involve the blues and greens of the ocean. The light blues here remind of Caleigh, the calming smokey blue creme for your nails.


What colors are inspiring you this week?


Color Inspiration: Bright Colors

Color Inspiration, Scotch Naturals, Summer, Style

We are happy to report that our first ever Pinterest contest was a success! We really enjoyed perusing through all the boards and it was tough to narrow down just one winner. After much thought and consideration, we were ultimately drawn to Allyson’s choices of bright colors, which really blew us away. We especially love the fun imagery and how the board was organized. In fact, we love it so much that it inspired this week’s color inspiration. The pops of purple, pink and yellow are just what we want to wear all summer long. For more of Allyson’s Summer Inspiration board click here.

What colors are inspiring you this week?


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