Currently Craving: Printed Bikinis & Scotch Naturals

Bikinis, Printed Swimwear, Summer, J. Crew, Mara Hoffman, Stella McCartney

Here at Scotch Naturals, nothing gets us more motivated for bikini season like planning for Memorial Day weekend. As the holiday weekend approaches, we are starting to stock up on fresh new swimwear.  This summer, we are loving printed bikinis paired with the perfect Scotch Naturals polish. Here are our current swimwear cravings:

1. Rosebud Underwire Top and Bikini Bottom by J. Crew

2. Printed Bandeau Bikini by Mara Hoffman

3. Heart Bikini by Stella McCartney

What swimwear are you currently craving?


Off to the Races: Hats and Polish

Think what would Kate Middleton wear? Or re-wear and we LOVE her for that! At horse racing events, it is tradition to wear a big hat and it seems that fashion is just as important as the races. We personally love Eco-friendly made hats. Here are our favorite looks paired perfectly with Scotch Naturals:

Derby style, Derby hats, Derby nails polish, Scotch Naturals

Derby fashion, Derby hats, Derby nails, Scotch naturals



What are you wearing to the races?



Current Cravings: Spring Bags

We look forward to switching over our handbags each season, and sometimes that means buying new ones! Ginny, CEO and founder, shares her current cravings for the spring. And she put this list together with eco-conscious brands in mind.

The list covers the basics that we all need in our closet: the tote, the clutch, and the weekend bag. Plus, some have additional features to them- who doesn’t love that? Check out the list below, including Ginny’s picks for which Scotch Naturals polish pairs perfectly with each:

Spring bags, tote, Ampersand as Aportrophe

“This leather-out Camel tote is my go to bag for work, kids and with the snap out clutch I have my evening out covered too!” Tall Leather-Out Camel Tote by Ampersand As Apostrophe.

spring clutch, scotch naturals, freedom of animals

“Very eco-chic: sustainable, ethical and luxurious. This clutch is the perfect size for me. And I love that it doubles as a laptop case.” Tuti Clutch by Freedom of Animals.

weekender bags, spring bag, Everlane

“I love this company’s transparency. What an admirable way to conduct business.   I’m  obsessing over this weekender bag!” The Weekender by Everlane.

Great bags are both a wardrobe staple and an expression of style and individuality. As with any wardrobe investment, if you buy quality they will last for years to come. So shop wisely and go green!

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