Trend Alert: Negative Space

image of negative space with scotch naturals

Straight from New York fashion week, the latest trend in nail art is the idea of exposing a minimal amount of the nail bed. It’s pretty easy to create and this tutorial does a great job explaining. The possibilities of shapes are endless and we love that you can really get creative. Below includes our favorite looks of this negative space trend:

1. A modern french manicure with a triangle cut out at the top. Try Roasted Mellow with a pop of Paisley Martini because even though it’s September, a bright fresh color is always welcomed.

2. The horizontal line in the middle is a great idea that we just can’t get enough of and Wildflower with Canal Street Daisy recreates this gorgeous two toned runway look.

3. The crescent moon manicure is everywhere right now and the metallic outline completes the look. We plan to rock it with Black Tartan and Smuggler’s Gold for the holiday season.

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Trend Alert: Two Toned Nails

image for two toned nails with scotch naturals

Two toned nails are an easy nail art trend that isn’t going away. With just your standard manicure tools, two colors, and a makeup sponge, you can create a beautiful gradient color scheme in the comfort of your own home. We were inspired by some of you who have shared your DIYs on Instagram and Pinterest that are featured above.

The first look is with Flying Scotsman and Black Tartan, which is a great moody look for fall. We are thinking of it for Halloween. The second look includes Wildflower and Stiletto to add a pop of color reminding us of the beautiful colors of fall. The last look is on trend as metallics are huge for fall beauty. Klondike Cooler and Roasted Mellow are a perfect combination for a shimmery ombre effect.

In order to achieve the look, try this step by step guide here that even includes a video tutorial. Good luck and let us know which one is your favorite!

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Fall Polish Pairings

image for scotch naturals fall polish pairings

When picking two nail polishes for your mani and pedi, it is important to pick complimentary colors. Each season should come with a fresh palette of colors to pair. For instance, spring/summer colors typically are lighter and brighter. Whereas fall/winter colors are more darker and richer in tone. For fall we have picked our polish pairings and shared them with you below:

1. This season, shimmery metallics are huge. We saw gold manicures pop up during the fall 2014 fashion week and we have been obsessed ever since. Klondike Cooler is the perfect answer for a gold nail and we love it paired with Black Tartan to compliment it.

2. For us, Seething Jealousy is the perfect transitional color into fall. It still has a warm weather feel but looks great on different skin tones throughout the cooler months. Pair it with Velvet Kilt to round out the jewel tones.

3. We are already rocking this color combo because we love the neutral Smokey Martini and  Kiltlifter adds the perfect pop of color. This unexpected color combo is great while we can still wear open toe shoes.

What polish pairings are loving for fall?

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