Valentine’s Day Manicure Ideas

valentine's day nails

It’s nice that Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, which is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself. Of course, a manicure is at the top of our list and we’re loving the idea of love themed nails. Red nail are timeless, classic and always in style. To mix it up, try tiny hearts or polka dots, which are so cute and simple to do. You can also take things to next level by using a stencil, which was used for the “love amor” nails. Whatever you do, enjoy and cheers!

Polish Picks

Ever wonder what polishes the employees at Scotch Naturals’ wear? In this blog series, Polish Picks, we go behind the scenes to ask them what colors they love most. Today we hear from CJ, the Regional Director of Sales and Outreach, about her favorite color and why. CJ's Favorite Scotch Naturals color

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