How Do You Store Your Scotch?

Many people make the mistake of storing their nail polish in the bathroom. While this mostly applies to solvent-based products, we recommend the same policy for our water-based lacquers. Ideally, you want somewhere dry and cool but most importantly the temperature should remain consistent. Below includes some cute, fun and functional ways to store your Scotch Naturals:

nail polish on silver tray

Displayed on your desk or vanity on a silver tray offers easy access.

scotch naturals nail polish stored on a pink shelf

Storing all lacquers on a shelf allows you to see all the colors at once.

scotch naturals nail polish stored on a dish

If you’re just starting to collect Scotch Naturals or if you prefer to rotate only a few colors during one season, keep those lacquers close by on a fabulous mini stacking dish.

Trend Alert: All That Shimmers

Shimmer Layering

A subtle sparkly manicure is the latest beauty trend for the holiday season. Rather than picking one polish, people are layering on two different polishes to create this shimmer effect. Not only is it pretty but it’s also easy to recreate. Here’s what to do:

1. Apply our Sticky Base Coat.
2. Use a flat polish, which will act as the anchor color. For Christmas, we’ve picked Bitter n’ Twisted.
3. Next, layer on top a shimmery polish that will compliment the anchor color. Blood and Sand adds a nice glitter over top Bitter n’ Twisted.
4. Finish with our On The Rocks Top Coat for the ultimate shine and lasting shimmer!

Above, we’ve paired Scotch Naturals polishes that together are perfect for the shimmer layering effect.

Winter Polish Pairings

scotch naturals winter 2014 polish pairings

With the official start of winter right around the corner (on December 21st), it’s time for us to share our favorite polish pairings for the season ahead. As you can see above, we are loving a shimmery manicure complimented by a rich cremey colored pedicure. Here’s the full breakdown of our picks:

1. The beauty of metallic polishes like Klondike Cooler is that they pair nicely with just about any color. For winter, pair it with Bitter n’ Twisted for a classic look that can easily compliment a dressy or casual outfit.

2. This color will take you through the chillier months as the extreme shimmery aubergine that is Widow Wood’s Nightcap is a rich jewel tone. We love it combined with an unexpected pairing like Hot Toddy, which is a dark greige creme.

3. Acting as our “new neutral” for winter, the silver metallic Charmer is one of our favorite colors, especially for New Year’s Eve festivities. It’s a shimmering platinum that looks great with Flying Scotsman, the cobalt blue creme.

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