Polish Picks

Ever wonder what polishes the employees at Scotch Naturals’ wear? In this blog series, Polish Picks, we go behind the scenes to ask them what colors they love most. Today we hear from CJ, the Regional Director of Sales and Outreach, about her favorite color and why. CJ's Favorite Scotch Naturals color

In The Spirit Of Love

eco-chic valentine's day

In the spirit of love, enjoy an eco-chic Valentine’s Day with these essentials:

1. The latest issue of Prevention magazine shares research proving that a bouquet of roses offers many health benefits. Their scent, whether fresh or an essential oil, can be used for easing stress, grief and sadness.

2. Vered Organic Botanicals’s Deep Citron perfume is a subtle, sensual scent with touches of citron, sage and jasmine. It’s described as being wrapped in a cashmere blanket while sipping cognac by a fire (yes, please).

3. Our Bitter N Twisted is a brooding black cherry creme color that is perfect for Valentine’s Day that exudes femininity without over doing it.

4. Pascal Doquet’s champagne features quality, complexity and texture. The winemaker’s dedication to wine and organic farming is apparent offering uncompromising standards.

5. Treat yourself with something from Between The Sheets. We are loving this Arabesque set that captures the essence of temptation.

6. 99 Red Balloons from Ilia Beauty is a straight forward classic red lip crayon packed with healing oils of sesame, rose hip and papaya.

7. Indulging in chocolate is part of the Valentine’s Day charm. For a sweet bite try Sex Bark, a quick and easy recipe from Goop. Plus, it features beneficial ingredients like cacao, ghee and coconut oil.

Color Inspiration: Mid-Winter Retreat

mid-winter retreat

As spring break (slowly) approaches, we’ve been daydreaming about a mid-winter retreat. Ideally, one with a view like the Tahitian beach photographed above, where the pristine shallow waters remind us of Celtic Mix; the subtle sage green creme.

What colors are inspiring you this week?


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