The Benefits of Castor Oil

castor oil

Did you know that castor oil has a lot to offer your beauty regime? It’s high in both ricinoleic acid, a natural anti-bacterial/anti-fungal agent, and omega 9 fatty acids, which will nourish your skin and hair follicles. With the ability to go deep into both pores and follicles, castor oil hydrates and protects from the elements. We like to use just a few drops to smooth our hair at the ends. In addition, we love to lather it on after our skin has been out in the sun. It even can be used as a lip balm and will provide a natural shine. Whatever it’s for, castor oil is a must have for the home.


Color Inspiration: Stella’s Flowers

color inspiration: stella's flowers

If you’re like us and currently craving a garden party this Spring, then look no farther than Stella McCartney’s fashion soirées. Known for these outdoor presentations, her hostessing skills will guarantee a fabulous backyard bash with these tips here. Above, Stella’s flowers remind us of Canal Street Daisy, the geranium pink crème, which fuels this week’s color inspiration.

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